Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we list answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our valuable visitors and customers. We're hoping they clear any questions you may have and give you a clear picture of who we are, what products we resell, their origin and the shipping process.
1) What is HashArabia?
We are a company with a mission to spread awareness about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and making available locally - products and services associated with this technology. We are also an authorized reseller to these products and are legally registered to import directly from the manufacturer into our storage facilities in the UAE and deliver to customers both locally, in and outside the GCC.
2) What are the products you sell?
We offer you hardware wallets to store your cryptocurrencies, accessories to go with them, books on the topic of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and other items of similar nature.
3) Do you provide any services?
Yes. We provide namely three services -
  • End to end support to all our customers regardless of where they reside on how to use the products they have purchased, help to set them up and even troubleshoot if necessary.
  • We also advise on safe and optimal usage of the devices.We also serve you with daily news gathered from trusted sources related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets and news relevant to the region and those that impact the markets, their price and future outlook.
  • We also send you news and reminders of latest updates from manufacturers in order to keep your devices up to date.
4) Are you authorized resellers of the products you sell?
Yes, we are. We are authorized resellers of all original hardware and devices we offer you on our website. The exception being accessories such as cases and books.
5) Is your website secure?
Yes, 100% secure. We have a secure signed SSL certificate installed on our server with a dedicated IP address. You may have noticed the padlock icon on the address bar above. This means the website is secure and eligible to accept orders and payments.
6) Where are you located?
We are a limited liability company registered in Sharjah Media City (Shams), UAE.
7) How many branches do you have?
We fulfill all our order out of UAE. Our partners have located in each of the 6 GCC countries apart from UAE - Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar.
8) What is your shipping process?
We have partnered with Aramex to deliver your shipments in the fastest possible time. You will received a tracking number as soon as the shipment is dispatched.
9) What is your refund policy?
Our return policy is 15 days from the date of delivery or 20 days from the date the order was placed, whichever is earlier.
10) How long does it take to ship an item?
Most of our items will ship the same day your order was received unless the time of order was after 4 PM or on a Friday or during a public holiday.
11) Do you provide after sales support?
Yes. We provide end to end support to all our customers. Be it on how to use the hardware wallet you just ordered, help in setting it up or if you'd just like to know when your order will be delivered. Just call and speak to us.
12) Do you provide support to visitors who haven't purchased yet from you?
Yes. But our support will be limited to answering questions about the products or relevant to the sales process. Questions on setting up devices, usage or products and general support falls under after sales support.
13) Will I be charged VAT?
If you reside in the UAE, yes. If you reside in any GCC country where VAT has been implemented - currently only Saudi Arabia - yes, we will charge you VAT. For customers of all other countries in GCC where VAT has not been implemented and outside GCC, no VAT will be charged.
14) Will I be able to claim VAT refund?
If you reside in a VAT implementing GCC country (UAE, Saudi Arabia currently) and if you resell the items after receiving them, then yes, you can claim the VAT we charge you as your input VAT. You can make use of the tax invoice we send you.
15) Do you provide Tax Invoices?
16) Do you provide documents proving authenticity of items sold?
If requested, we will send you all documentation & customs records pertaining to the source, shipping history and authenticity of the product you have purchased.
17) If I need urgent delivery, is there a way?
Just call us or send us a message and we will take it up with the delivery company. Under extraneous circumstances, we will hand deliver via one of our agents provided buyer delivery address is in GCC. Pick up can also be arranged.
18) If I have more questions?
Chat with us or email us or pick up your phone and dial our number and speak to us. We're most happy to speak with you and to serve your needs.