About Us

About Us

We’re a small team of passionate professionals trying to help bridge the gap between the present and what is soon to engulf us – a barrage of applications rooted in blockchain technology.
Most people have heard of Bitcoin or Ethereum or of many of the myriad alt coins out there jostling for space in the crypto savvy investment market but what many fail to see is that behind the scenes, young blockchain entrepreneurs and similar enterprises are coming up with groundbreaking new applications that could potentially disrupt existing models of businesses.

We’re at a threshold of entering a new era – one where more of our day to day functions will be carried out using apps developed using blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are just one facet of this ongoing revolution.

We at Hash Arabia decided to embark on a mission to spread awareness about blockchain technology in general and about cryptocurrencies in particular and to impart the know-how of latest products and services available worldwide and especially in UAE and the GCC countries enabling more and more users to embrace this technology with confidence.

Hardware Wallets & Accessories

In catering to the need of buyers to keep their cryptocurrency investments safe, we have tied up with the top manufacturers of these hardware wallets such as Ledger, Trezor & Keepkey whereby we bring to you their latest products at the best prices right to your doorstep in just about a day.

Our merchandise is sourced right from the manufacturers using verifiable end-to-end secure shipping. We are registered using our Customs code with major ports in the UAE and GCC and this enables us to deliver your shipment quickly and safely.

We also provide all our customers:

  • Two years warranty
  • Round-the-clock Email & Chat Support
  • Phone Support using our local Toll-Free Number or via our USA/International call center number