"Trezor Security Series" by SatoshiLabs : What's new?

<h2>SatoshiLabs Security Manifesto: What's inside?</h2>
Recently, SatoshiLabs (the company which manufactures the Trezor hardware wallets) has started a series of articles titled "Trezor Security Series" on its official blog. (Source: <a href="https://blog.trezor.io/satoshilabs-security-philosophy-manifesto-11791ac06f14">SatoshiLabs Security Manifesto</a> ) What is the motivation behind this series? Maybe, to talk in depth about how are they tackling the security concerns to the Trezor device and also to justify why their software and hardware are open source. It is a well-known fact that the Trezor hardware wallets provide maximum protection for your data which is stored on the device. Even though Trezor has few competitors like Ledger, still it is able to sustain its position in the market because of its security protocol. As mentioned earlier, the "Trezor Security Series" will really help the readers to know in depth about the security of their hardware wallets. Let's take a look at some of the points mentioned in the article.

Any customer who is shopping for hardware wallets will have many questions in their mind similar to the ones below:
<li>Will this device fail? What will happen to my data, in case if that happens?</li>
<li>Is there any limited warranty available for this device?</li>
<li>Will I get a refund if the device is broken or damaged?</li>
To clarify the security concerns about Trezor, SatoshiLabs has explained in its article that any firmware or software update will be released only if it successfully passes all the tests done by their dedicated testing team. Besides that, the source code of the Trezor software will always be monitored by a group of independent developers. Be it a new feature or the modified version of the existing one, all the software changes will get published in their repository on GitHub. So anyone can view the changelog as well as the source code to gain knowledge about the latest version of the software.

The article also points out that it is not funded or supported by any VC (Venture Capital) firm. So, they don't need to get the nod from the investors for making any change either to the hardware or the software. That's why both the hardware and software development of Trezor is fully transparent and open source. Moreover, all the spare parts which are used to make the Trezor hardware wallet are not proprietary. What does it mean? The philosophy of SatoshiLabs is to "<strong class="markup--strong markup--blockquote-strong">We do not need to hide anything. Because, <strong class="markup--strong markup--p-strong">We do not develop our device to sell well, but to serve well". </strong></strong>

Even if there is any small security update, it will be announced on their blogs, social networks etc. For existing subscribers, it will be notified immediately via email so that they won't miss the important information related to their product. Also, you will automatically receive a warning if your firmware is old and needs an update. Besides the individual developers, SatoshiLabs also has an internal team of expert researchers who will scan every line of source code with a virtual microscope before approving the same. In a nutshell, SatoshiLabs always maintain its focus on two important S factors: <strong>Security &amp; Satisfaction</strong>.

SatoshiLabs aims to keep the customers happy and satisfied with their products. So, if someone faces any issue either with the Trezor software or hardware, he/she can contact their dedicated support team directly or through their social media channels. And, the support team will take all the mandatory steps to first make sure that your coins are safe and then try to fix the issue as early as possible.
<h2><em>Where to buy the Trezor hardware wallet?</em></h2>
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