Trezor - a secure vault for your bitcoins

<h2>The humble but formidable origins of the Trezor</h2>
In the past before Trezor emerged, people used mostly mobile wallets and desktop clients for storing their private keys. In fact, even many of them preferred to use the wallets of the exchanges from where they bought bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Now, things have changed due to the increased theft of bitcoins from even the highly secured wallets like Bitfinex. So, people have started turning their attention towards other secure options for storing their cryptocurrencies. Even though paper wallets are also a good option, a hardware wallet is considered as the most secure way to store the private keys.

Today, let's take a look at the bitcoin hardware wallet named Trezor. How does it provide a better security for your cryptocurrencies when compared with online wallets? Trezor was launched in the year 2014 by a Czech based start-up company named SatoshiLabs. Do you know how the word Trezor got originated? In the Czech language, Trezor means 'vault'. Basically, the vault is a term related to storage. So, the ultimate aim of the Trezor hardware wallet is to function as a secure vault for your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.
<h3># Take the device on the go</h3>
Trezor hardware wallet is lightweight ( approximately 12g) and looks similar to the traditional USB drive used for storing files. You can simply put the device in your pocket and take it wherever you go. The product is shipped along with the user manual, USB cable for connecting it to a computer and a lanyard.
<h3># Easy to install on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android platforms</h3>
You can use any of the options listed below for establishing communication between the Trezor device and the Trezor Wallet.
<li>You can download and install the Chrome extension for Trezor from the chrome store.</li>
<li>Install a small piece of software named Trezor Bridge which can be downloaded from the Trezor wallet website.</li>
<li>If you want to use Trezor on your Android phone, then you can download the app named 'Trezor Manager' from the Google Play Store. But, you need to buy an OTG (USB On the Go) cable for using Trezor on Android platform.</li>
<h3># Safe to use even on an infected computer</h3>
The most significant feature of the Trezor hardware wallet is its robust security. When you configure the Trezor device for the first, you need to set a PIN. Every time the device is disconnected and reconnected, you need to enter the PIN. You may think that entering a PIN is a common security measure. What's so significant in it? No. It is not the same. When your computer screen prompts for entering the PIN, you won't see the numerical keypad. Instead, it will be a 3x3 table that is filled with dots. The equivalent numeral for the dot in a column will be shown on your Trezor device. And, the ordering will change every time you use the device. So, it is not possible for any hacker to find out your PIN. That's why the Trezor hardware wallet is considered as the most secure way to store your private keys.
<h3># Recovery is possible in case if the device is stolen or lost</h3>
During initial setup and installation, the Trezor will generate a 24-word seed that can be used to recover the device if it is lost or stolen. The seed consist of 24 secret words. You need to fill the blanks on the recovery card with these words and keep it in a safe place. Recovery card will be sent along with the Trezor device. If you forgot your PIN or not able to use the device for some reason, you can always recover the private the keys using a new Trezor device, recovery card, and the Trezor bridge software.
<h3># Definitely worth your money</h3>
The Trezor hardware wallet started out as the first truly secure vault and one of the most reliable and sturdier of all hardware wallets available in the GCC region and around the world. Today as it launched it's brand new Trezor Model T, it continues to be an affordable piece of hardware that's both easy to use and safe.

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